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Who is WebbliWorld aimed at?

Kids all over the world.

What's so special about WebbliWorld?

WebbliWorld is an exciting, stimulating, virtual world that kids can explore, inhabit, belong to and share. It is a world that promotes caring, responsible behaviour and gives kids the opportunity to voice their opinions on topics that matter.

WebbliWorld mirrors the real world and guides children through the mind-boggling maze of the internet. Our friendly characters introduce important topics such as the environment, climate change and recycling in an accessible and memorable way. Here, kids will learn without even knowing it! We are working in partnership with WWF to make sure that all our environmental messages are accurate and educational.

Is WebbliWorld safe?

As parents ourselves, we take every possible precaution to make sure that WebbliWorld is as safe as possible.

Once your child has created their Webbli character, they then enter an exciting virtual world where they can walk around and chat to other Webblis.

To ensure that our chat system is incredibly safe, we have teamed up with moderation experts, Crisp Thinking, to benefit from their highly-sophisticated NetModerator software. NetModerator monitors the chat on WebbliWorld 24/7 and automatically protects your child from anything inappropriate. User behaviour is also monitored by WebbliWorld staff and we will delete any user that does not behave appropriately.

Your child can create a WebbliStak which is a list of their favourite things. Every list is moderated by WebbliWorld staff. Any user who tries to enter anything inappropriate is banned from the site.

We also encourage users to report anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

All content, such as games, that we add to WebbliWorld is hand-picked by WebbliWorld staff to ensure that it is suitable for children.

We have a strict code of practice that applies to every user of WebbliWorld. Any user not abiding by the WebbliCode will be removed from the site.

WebbliWorld is designed to enrich your children's lives and expand their horizons. We encourage them to leave their computer as often as possible and explore the amazing world around them. As the site grows it will embrace a global community of kids and give them a voice on topics that really matter to them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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