What Is WebbliWorld?

WebbliWorld is a new and exciting webstation providing entertainment and learning for children. It is more than a virtual world and features film and tv, animation, games, chat and competitions as well as playing host to a supportive global community. WebbliWorld is home to the Webblis - an irresistible and quirky gang of World Wide Wanderers - characters that reflect a range of personality traits so there is always at least one with which every child can identify. The compelling stars, Wez, Wanda and Wij , guide children through the mind-boggling maze of the world wide web making surfing the internet easy and exciting. These unique inhabitants of cyberspace are fun and mischievous, but also responsible and caring.

What the Press Are Saying

Creative Review asked "Is WebbliWorld the new MySpace for kids?" and went on to say

"we love the look of the site and the characters created by Aardman and can imagine kids getting stuck in, exploring and having fun."

"It's a little like MySpace but with minimal danger… All this is great news for parents of small children being nagged to open Facebook accounts for them, plus it's a lot more fun."

The Guardian Unlimited

"It's easy to draw similarities between WebbliWorld and other virtual communities dedicated to under-18's like Habbo Hotel and Disney's Club Penguin. Where WebbliWorld differs is its direct appeal to parents"

What kids are saying

  • Hiya, this site roolz! I'm having a lot of fun at the moment!
  • I think the games are really ace and are really fun
  • I love logging in everyday to see who has looked at my Webbli
  • I love this site and hope to visit it everyday and tell all my friends how amazing it is!!!!
  • Webbliworld is the most cutest,funniest and bestest site in the universe and i adore the cute little Webbii's.
  • I love WebbliWorld ! It's got loads of cool videos, tons of enjoyable games, and links! Not only that, it also encourages us kids to make new friends and discover new things. It also teaches us on how to help our world in fun and exciting ways I've never imagined.
  • i love this website it is amazing and so bright. it eally attracts you to continue looking at the page.
  • you make kids see that it is exciting to be on the internet but you have to be careful.
  • I love Webbli World because it so much fun.You could spend hours of fun on this website.
  • I love webbliworld.I'ts cool that you can let other people know what your favorite books are and so much other stuff.
  • I think webbliworld is really good.The games are fun and i like the way you can design your own avatar.
  • webbli world is a very good site. you can do stuff and earn webbles

What parents are saying


I love the way the site looks and sounds! I think the videos work well, my kids think the music is awesome!! Thanks for a great, safe site.


What a lovely bit of design, I think Webbliworld is a breath of fresh air, in the often grey and austere world of online shinanigans. Great work guys and I look forward to seeing some more top class webbli stuff in the future.


I think WebbliWorld is a great and safe place for kids to interact over the internet. The graphics are painfully adorable.


A great start! And what a visual explosion your home page is! I know it will be engaging for children at my school. I look forward to seeing more content and the direction you take the site in the future.


This is one of the best sites I've seen in ages! The aesthetic is amazing, the interactivity is hugely enjoyable and the layout is spot on. It's one of a kind.

WebbliWorld has been brought to life by one of the world's best-loved and most successful animation companies - Aardman Animations - creators of the award-winning Wallace and Gromit and, more recently, Flushed Away. They bring a wealth of expertise and creativity to this project. Their understanding of our target audience is second to none while their characters are beloved by children and adults across the globe.

The Vision for WebbliWorld

Our vision is to establish WebbliWorld as the gateway to the internet for children. These are our aims:-

  • to entertain and inform
  • to build a global, supportive on-line community
  • to promote positive values
  • to bring the vast resources of the internet to life
  • to be trusted by parents
  • to provide smart companies with a direct route to market
  • to foster brand loyalty
  • to push the boundaries of new technology
  • to promote products or services to a global audience of children and parents
  • to develop strong, long lasting relationships with consumers

Marketing Opportunities

WebbliWorld offers direct access to an increasingly hard to reach market, by connecting with kids in an engaging and meaningful way. It presents the opportunity to foster long term loyalty and build lasting relationships, not only with the consumers of tomorrow, but also with their parents.

As audiences become more fragmented and restrictions grow on television advertising, WebbliWorld offers amazing opportunities to buy, rent or franchise some of the most appealing virtual real estate on the net. This ranges from sponsoring specific virtual assets such as furniture, household items or clothing, to sponsorship of entire WebbliHubs and WebbliZones, such as a sports stadium, rain forest, restaurant, academy or farm. WebbliWorld can also organize branded events, create branded newsletters, games, animations or characters.

It is widely acknowledged that children influence the buying choices of their parents more than ever before. Additionally, with environmental issues seldom far from the top of the agenda, WebbliWorld offers responsible companies a chance to use their influence to provide a positive and fulfilling direction for our young audience.

By partnering with WebbliWorld, brands can help shape an arena in which the quality of the creative themes, coupled with the implementation of an interactive and networked environment, will elevate it way above other social networking sites. We've already been joined by some great brands, helping us to build what will be a truly spectacular platform. If you have something positive you want to say to children, and you share our vision, please contact us to hear about the many ways in which you can become involved.

The WebbliWorld Code of Practice

WebbliWorld cares about the environment and the world we live in. It promotes positive values and social responsibility. Whilst it is a commercial venture we are seeking to attract only those companies and organizations whose core values match our own.

Investment Opportunities

If you are interested in investing in WebbliWorld and would like to receive information about the investment opportunities that are available please contact

Telephone: +44 (0) 1403 215756