Hello, I'm WebbliWanda, Roving Reporter and one of the Webblis-in-Chief!

One of my jobs is to make sure you have the best fun in WebbliWorld. It's a caring, sharing, bonkers place and there's loads to do and tons to explore, so check out the FAQ's below.

If you're still a bit confused about something, let me know.


How do I register?

WebbliWorld is no place for humans. You need to become a Webbli. Make your Webbli using my pal, Mr Webbli-O-Matic on the homepage. (He's the tall , green, oblong thing on the right.) Click on the arrows to choose a head, face, body and legs. You can choose the colours, too. When you're chuffed to bits with your fab new Webbli, click Make Me. Your Webbli will plop out of the Webbli-O-Matic.

Then fill in your parents' email address, invent a name for your Webbli, invent a password and click Sign Up. (Don't forget these because you'll need them each time you log in.) Your parents will be sent an activation code so remind them to look for it. And, make sure they check their junk mail folder, too.

You can't play in WebbliWorld until you're activated. So, it's mega important that you enter a proper email address. If you make one up or spell it wrong, we won't be able to email you your special top-secret Activation Code! When you get your Activation Code, you must click on the link so that we can activate your account and then you can join in all the fun! If you don't understand this bit, ask a grown up for help.

I haven't received my top-secret Activation Code.

If you haven't received an Activation Code, it's probably because the email address you gave us when you registered was wrong in some way - maybe you missed a letter out or something. (If you make up an email address or spell something wrong the poor old Webblis in the support control centre won't be able to send your Activation Code to you!) Send us an email giving us the name of your Webbli and your correct email address and we'll send you a new Activation Code.

You will appear as 'New User' in WebbliWorld until we've moderated your name. As soon as we have, your Webbli Name will appear in your profile and above your Webbli when someone mouses over you.

 About your Webbli.

 You can move your Webbli around by clicking on the place you'd like it to go to. It will then walk there. The longer the distance, the faster it'll go.(Wez Sez: Why not try a few races with your buddies?) If you click on your Webbli, your profile will appear at the top of the screen. This shows how many Webbles you have. It also displays two buttons - Change and WebbliStak.


If you want to change your Webbli, click Change and it will take you to Mr Webbli-O-Matic. To view your WebbliStak, click WebbliStak.

What is my WebbliStak?

Your WebbliStak is a cool place where you can add your favourites. You can add what you like and you can even put in links to your favourite websites so you don't forget how to get to them. The fun thing is that other Webblis can view your WebbliStak and check out your faves. We check every WebbliStak to make sure no-one's written anything nasty, unkind or unsuitable. If you spot anything dodgy, let us know. 


To add stuff to your WebbliStak, go to your WebbliPod. Click on your WebbliStak (the tall column with the elephant at the bottom, on the right hand side of your WebbliGarden). You'll be taken to your WebbliStak page where you can update your WebbliStak and make it the coolest out there.

How do I get around WebbliWorld?


You can click on the pink arrows that are all around WebbliWorld. Who knows where they'll take you? Or, you can click on Map in the pop-up menu. The Map will appear and you can simply click on the place you'd like to explore.

About other Webblis.


If you mouse over another Webbli, you'll see their name. When you click on another Webbli, you'll see their profile at the top of the screen. If you click + Buddy we'll send a buddy request to that Webbli. If they accept it then you're buddies. Hurrah! You can join or summon your buddy by clicking on the Buddy icon on the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen. You'll see whether your buddy is online and there are options to join, summon or delete your buddy.

Remember, you can't buddy up until we've moderated your name.

If you click 'WebbliStak' on another Webbli's profile, you'll go to their WebbliStak so you can check out all their favourites and see if they like the same things you do.

How do I decorate my WebbliPod?


Once you've clicked My WebbliPod on the homepage, you'll land in your very own home. He'll be snoring away. (WebbliPod's love a snooze.) Click on him to wake him up. Yay! He's looking a bit empty at the moment, so it's time to get decorating! Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and a menu will pop up. Click on Edit Pod. You're now in Pod Edit Mode (a red bar will appear at the top of the screen.) A catalogue full of fab items will pop up. And the best thing is, lots of these items are free. Click on an item and a button will appear that says Add to my Pod. Click on the button and your chosen item will appear under your cursor. Use your mouse to put the item where you want and then click to let it drop into place. As soon as you've done this, the catalogue will pop up again. When you've finished decorating, click on the X at the top right of the catalogue and it will disappear.

To move an item, click on it. Then drag and drop it where you want.

When you click on an item you will see three buttons appear in the red bar - move, flip, remove.

Clicking on flip will flip the object so it's facing the other way.

Clicking on remove will remove it. You can always choose it from the catalogue again if you change your mind.

Once you've finished decorating your Pod remember to click on the X on the red bar at the top of the screen to take you out of Edit Mode. If you don't, you'll find you can't move your Webbli or access the pop-up menu.

How do I buy items for my WebbliPod?


There are lots of cool items to choose from. You can choose to buy any of them (as long as you can afford it!). Click on the item and it will appear with a Buy item button. Click on the button. You can now add this to your WebbliPod in the usual way. If you remove it, you can add it again any time. You won't need to pay for it again.

Once you've finished decorating your Pod remember to click on the X on the red bar at the top of the screen to take you out of Edit Mode.

How do I buy items for my Webbli?


Go to the Webbli-O-Matic. A cash register will pop up next to it. Click on the cash register and a catalogue will appear with loads of cool items for your Webbli.


Click on any item and it will appear with a Buy item button. Click Buy item and the item will now appear in the Webbli-O-Matic. You can now change the colour of your new item as usual. All your bought items will appear in the Webbli-O-Matic.

How do I earn Webbles?

There are lots of ways to earn Webbles and we'll be adding more. You earn Webbles every time you log in, when you send to a friend, when you rate another Webbli by clicking on their WebbliStak in their profile, when you download an MSN/AIM buddy and when you recommend great stuff for us to add to WebbliWorld.

How do I know how many Webbles I've got?


Click on your Webbli and your profile will appear at the top of the screen. This will show your Webbles balance. To see your bank statement, go to WebbliBank. (Click on Teleport in the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen. Then select WebbliBank.) Click Potta the Pig and she'll tell you your balance. Click on her again and who know what she'll say?! Click on the coins to go to your bank statement. This will show you what you've been spending and what you've been saving.

What else can I do in WebbliWorld?

You can play games, watch films, chat, make friends and more! There are lots of rooms or WebbliHubs for you to explore. You can wander round WebbliWorld by clicking the pink arrows that are all around the world. You can also teleport to a room by clicking on the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen, selecting Teleport and then clicking on one of the WebbliHubs. When you get to a WebbliHub, click away and things will happen! If you click on Wanda, Wez or Wij, they'll speak to you. Click them again and you'll go to their pages.

How do I chat?


Click Chat in the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen. You can type anything you like and then click 'Say'.  Please don't use bad language or say nasty things. This is not allowed and you will be silenced or banned if you do it. If you're a bit stuck for something to say, click 'Lost for words' and a panel with a list of topics will appear. Click on a topic and you'll see the start of lots of phrases appear in the second column. Click on one of these and you'll see the other half of the phrase appear in the third column. Click on the you want and your whole chosen sentence will appear below. Click SAY and your Webbli will say it. Once you get to know all the options, chatting gets easier and quicker.

How do I play games?

Teleport to the WebbliArcade. Click on the door in the arcade game and you'll go to the Games' Page. Choose from hundreds of brill games and get playing! Seen a great game you think should be in the WebbliArcade? Tell us! And, don't forget you can always cut and paste the web address of a favourite game into your WebbliStak!

How do I watch films?

Teleport to the WebbliDrome. Click on the door in the WebbliDrome building and you'll go into the WebbliDrome. You can choose from a whole list of amazing films, programmes and cartoons to watch and you can comment on them, too.

I've forgotten my Password.


Last week, Wij invented a special drink that stops Webblis forgetting things. Trouble is, he can't remember where he put the recipe. So, until he finds it, next time you try to log in to WebbliWorld enter your WebbliName and email address in the box on the Log In page, then click Submit. And, before you can say, 'It must be here somewhere, for goodness' sake,' we'll email you a new password.

I want to change my Password.

 If you want to change your password, when you are logged in, go to your WebbliStak, click on the Change Password link and follow the instructions - it's simple!

I've forgotten my Webbli name.

 Hey, we all forget who we are from time to time. Especially if we've just been surprised from behind by a stripy-nosed elephant. Next time you want to log in to WebbliWorld, just enter your password and click GO!. This will take you to the Log In Page. Click on the link that says Forgotten Your Webbli Name? And before you can say 'Boo!', we'll send you your Webbli Name.


a crazy dude who lives in the internet
a Webbli who guides you to all the best stuff in cyberspace
the language we speak in WebbliWorld
the WebbliWorld currency
the place where you stash your cash
a cool dude
the crazy building bricks that make up your Webbli
your personal totem pole of all your favourites
true stuff you need to know
all the latest news stories
a Webbli with an eye-popping one million Webbles
Webbli International News Network
the lenz that can see round benz! Seymore's super-powered glasses designed by Wij in his top-secret WebbliLab


We expect everyone who visits WebbliWorld to abide by the WebbliCode:

  • NO RUDIES - don't choose a rude WebbliName, it's mega uncool
  • NO NUDIES - don't recommend or put adult stuff in your WebbliStak, there's plenty of great stuff out there for kids
  • NO NASTIES - don't be a racist, a sexist, a bully or just plain unkind to your fellow Webblis, remember you're all part of the same gang
  • NO GHASTLIES - don't recommend or put violent, horrible stuff in your WebbliStak. There's enough bad stuff going on out there - we don't need it in WebbliWorld
  • NO WEIRDIES - ok, Wij, Wez and Wanda are a bit odd but they don't freak people out. If you're not here to be friends and have fun, you shouldn't be here at all.

The WebbliCode

Your guide to Webblingo